AIRCON is a market leader in manufacturing high quality door air curtains. Our air curtains have given us a solid brand reputation for our well known innovating design, high quality, reliability, durability and service, permanently oriented to customer satisfaction.
AIRCON aircurtains produce smooth and uniform air throw from above the door-way thereby controlling thermal transition, dust, smell, smoke and flying insects. By virtue of the above energy too is saved as the saying goes “ ENERGY SAVED IS ENERGY PRODUCED”

The technology of Air Curtain is to blow the air in the atmosphere creating virtually an invisible barrier thereby preventing external air (warm/hot), dust, smell, smoke and insects entering into the proposed clean area through door-ways or through the doors being opened very frequently.

AIRCON air curtains are used in Air Conditioned Halls, Shopping Malls, Marriage Halls, Industries, Hospitals, Banks, Distilleries, Sea-Food Industries, Hotels, Restaurants, Chemical and Q-C labs, Hardware industries, Pharma industries, Cold Storages, Soft Drink / Beverages and Mineral Water Plants.

Our other products include Fly Killers, PVC Strip Curtains, Hand Dryer.

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What is Air Curtain?
An invisible door made up of fast moving (High Velocity) air.

What is the use of Air curtain?
Air curtain prevents the entry of dust, insects and retains the Heating/Cooling effect of the interior

What is the specialty of AIRCON Air curtains?
We at AIRCON Integrate state-of-art technology and Innovative design to create our Air curtains.

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